Beard Ninja





Organization :

Fluidanims (now fused together with Stickpage)

Apperance and PowersEdit


Beard Ninja is a Black Stick Figure, with a White Beard. In Ambush, he is shown to have a red sword, but for some reason this is changed blue during Dance Party Crash. Beard Ninja also has the same red sword in Beard Ninja 2, so only Endo could've done this.

Powers Edit

Beard Ninja could use all the elements, and use his sword to phase through objects. This might not be true, so I tell you guys to edit if you find out the true powers.

Sword SkillsEdit


Beard Ninja Using His Sword to Make another Stick Figure Explode

Beard Ninja is very good with a Sword, so good, he is able to cut a Stick Figure so fast, they Explode. When Using a Sword, he is able Launch Bullets at others, as Long as he has some on hand. He Will attack when threated, and when he has a goal.

Speed and StrengthEdit

Beard Ninja is Incridably Fast and Strong. He can Hold Of a Huge Hammer with his sword, and Dash Right Through Someone.

Beard GodEdit

God Ninja

Beard Ninja Charging Up His Beard God Powers

Beard Ninja can charge Up Power, to Unleash a HUGE! Burst of His Beard, which he can Control. basicly, it is like Medusa's Hair, with a beard, and not snakes.


The AmbushEdit

Beard Ninja is sitting at home when a Stick Figure with a sword Falls through the Celling and Ninja Doges it. The Stick Figure's Sword is stuck in the floor, so Beard Ninja eaisly Kills the Stick, More of them come out and Get Killed by Him too, Then 3 Stick Figures
Leg cut

Beard Ninja Cuts Nunchuck guy's Legs Off

who have a Ball Chain, a Nunchuck, and a Hammer Respectvly. the Ball Chain Stick figure Swings and Ninja a couble of times Before Having his arm Cut off. Then the Nunchuck guy swings around his Nunchuck, Confusing him, then the Nunchuck guy Swing it at Beard Ninja Knocking him down, then Beard Ninja Cuts off the Nunchuck guy's Legs. Then The Hammer Guy attacks Beard Ninja and Ninja Throws 2 Ninja Stars at Hammer Guy's Head and Torso Respectivly. Then Hammer Guy Takes his Hammer and crushes Beard Ninja with his Hammer. Hammer Guy takes out the Ninja Stars in his Body and Walks away. Beard Ninja Gets Up, and Dashes right through Hammer Guy With His Sword. Beard Ninja Walks out, then the Hammer Explodes, blowing up the Whole House.

Dance Party CrashEdit

Two Bouncers are Gaurding a Dance Party, Beard Ninja Kills One of them, then Throws a Ninja Star in the face of the other one. then Beard Ninja walks in, see's what is in it, Says "Hmph" and Throws two Ninja Stars in each Record, stoping the Music. Then the Stick FIgures Dancing originaly notice him. One Takes out a Pocket Knife, Which Beard Ninja Laughs at. then another Stick Figure Takes out a Lazer Sword, and tries to Slash Beard Ninja, but he doges it and Kills him, more Stick Figures attack with the same sword, all of them dieing, and one of them came very close to Ninja. Finaly Someone puts a gun to Beard Ninja, Beard Ninja Doges every Shot and Throw's a Ninja Star at the Gun Stick Figure's Head. Then another Gun Stick Shoots the Guy with a Star in his head and tries to Shoot Beard Ninja, and Beard Ninja Barley Doges it. after that, Beard Ninja Blocks the rest of the gunshots with his sword intill one bounces back and knocks the gun out of the Stick's Hand. The Stick asks to be Spared, but Beard Ninja Does a Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick to the face of that stick in responce Killing him and Knocking of his head.another guy tries to shoot Beard Ninja but he Dashes through the bullets and Slashes the Shooter so fast he Explodes. A Guy Yells "MORE GAURDS!!" And more Sticks come After Beard Ninja. Beard Ninja Charges his Beard God Powers and uses it. he Kills them all with it.

The Guy that yelled is sighing and turns around to see his door explode and Beard Ninja come in. The Guy moves a Knob to the "Past" Setting and makes Beard Ninja go back in Time to when the House Exploded.Beard Ninja is in the Firery Building and gets up, he Realises where he is, then the Fight Ends.


  • Beard Ninja also appeared in Kill the Spartian
  • Beard Ninja did NOT appear in top stick
  • Nunchuck guy could be actually the RHG fighter Chuck, but this is no surprise beacause Endo WAS the creator of the short 'series'.
  • In the collab 'No Shirt, No Power', at the very end Beard Ninja is seen running from the flame, but instead of dying as he did in the original, he wore a dojo shirt and survived, then stated an 'okay' before the credits rolled.