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Mr. Green
Mr. Green flinging Mr. Red Around

First Apperance:

Shock 1












Mr. Green's Clones Attacking Mr. Red

Mr. Green has the ability to make a solid, moving clone of himself. But not only that, he can make multiple ones. The clones have the inablity to feel pain, no matter how much they get attacked. Allowing Mr. Green to use them as a shield, a projectile, and other things.

Power BurstEdit

Like Mr. Red, Mr. Green has the ability to burst out in speed and power. However, this one does not involve charging, allowing him to keep up with Mr. Red on short notice.


Mr. Green has many guards that work for him, which he commands easily, an example of this would be he can tell a guard to attack Mr. Red and the guard would not even think about not doing it.

Shock 1Edit

Mr. Green appears at the end of Shock 1, where he gets ready to fight Mr. Red. He also gives him a double sided spear to help defeat the giant guard

Shock 2 and 3Edit

In Shock 2 and 3, Mr. Green is main enemy that Mr. Red Fights. in Shock 2, his cloning ability is shown breafly through the Fight, while in Shock 3 his Cloning is used much more!


  • ExBoss and Enemy of Mr. Red
  • Boss of Gaurds and Big Gaurd


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