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Mr Red
Mr.Red from Shock 2

First Apperance:

Shock 1

Non-Series Apperance's

Top Stick, Combat Tournament Legends


Shock Tribute, Shock More







Apperance and PowersEdit

Mr. Red is a Red Stick Figure, not much else to it. He has the ability to let out Bursts of Speed and Power when needed.

Shock 1Edit

Mr. Red Is Walking inside a building when a Guard Stops him, Then Mr.Red Sticks out his hand and then Attacks the Guard, Knocking him out. Then another gaurd Pulls out a gun telling Mr. Red to "Freeze!" and ordering a gaurd to take him Prisiner. Mr. Red Throws the Guard Holding him and starts Attacking all the guards

Finaly Mr. Red goes to the Upper Floor, Just to have more guards, a Giant Stick Figure, and a Dark Green Stick Figure. The Dark Green Stick Tells the Big Guy to attack Mr. Red, When Mr. Red tries to Attack the Big Guy, He Fails Multable Times. The Green Stick gives Mr. Red a Double Sided Spear, Allowing Mr. Red to Destroy the Big Guy and all the gaurds. The Green guy Makes all the Gaurds Disapear so him and Mr. Red can fight. They Dash at each other, Then the Fight Ends.

Shock 2Edit

Mr. Red and Mr. Green Dash at each other and attack. Mr. Green starts Kicking Mr. Red's Butt While Telling Mr. Red to use his Full Power. Finaly Mr. Red does just That. Then Mr. Red starts Rapidly Attacking Green, Eventuly Knocking them to the bottom floor. When Mr. Red goes for a flying Punch, Mr.Green Makes a Clone of Himself, Suddanly giving him the upper hand. Mr. Red Manages to Defeat the Clone and the Two Start Fighting so fast, it appears in flashes. When Finished, they land on the Upper Floor, Where Green makes 4 Clones of him. Mr. Red Takes Spear and Defeats all 5 of the Green's. Mr. Green then tells Mr. Red that he is Hired, and that he needs to START CLEANING! Revaling what this was All about. (Talk about "Shocking")

Shock 3Edit

Mr. Green tells Mr. Red it is time for his Checkup, And attacks With his Clones, Performing a "Pepole's Elbow" through the Upper Floor. after alot of fighting with the clones, a green gets up, who Mr. Red Punches. only to be told that he is a clone, and that it didn't hurt. AND to find the Real him. after two fails, he figures out who the real one is, and attacks. after alot of doging and throwing. the Real Mr. Green says he Failed to find him, and too keep the Place Clean, so he is Fired.


  • Defeated many Gaurds and a Big Gaurd
  • ExWorker and enemy of Mr. Green
  • Husband of Mrs. Blue


  • Mr. Red also appeared in the Flash Game "Combat Tournament Legends"


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